About me

For more cohesion in Europe

Since its foundation, the European Union has grown ever closer together. At the same time, we have experienced many crises in recent years: the “euro crisis”, the “asylum crisis”, the Brexit. In 2019, I moved into the European Parliament – at the end of a decade in which the cohesion of Europe was on the brink of collapse more than once.

In the face of these crises we need not less, but more Europe. My answer to the many crucial tests is a clear yes to a united European Union.

  • Yes to a Europe of solidarity between citizens, regions and member states, towards our international partners and people in need worldwide.
  • Yes to a Europe of cultural diversity that consistently defends freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of arts both internally and externally.
  • Yes to a Europe of ecological responsibility that leads the way in the fight against climate change and allows all sections of the population to participate in the green economic upswing.

I want to use my voice in the European Parliament to strengthen cohesion in Europe. I am committed to this on three levels:

  • Structural: In REGI, the Committee on Regional Development, I am committed to make Europe fairer and create equal opportunities between North and South, East and West, urban and rural.
  • Cultural: In CULT, the Committee for Culture and Education, I am committed to defend the freedom of arts by strengthening the legal position of cultural workers and improving their social security.
  • Constitutional: In the AFCO, the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, I am committed to strengthen parliamentary democracy and involving citizens, especially young people, more closely in the political process.

For more cohesion in Europe — for a free, just and ecological Europe!