Team Brussels

The Brussels office is the base of Niklas’ European policy advisors. Head of Office Benjamin Feyen coordinates the parliamentary work. As Advisor for Cultural Policy, he is also in charge of everything related to the Committee for Culture and Education as well as informal working groups such as the Cultural Creators Friendship Group. His deputy Tim Schlößer coordinates the cooperation with the group and is responsible for the topics space, games, youth, education and international affairs. Nelly Koenig is in charge of all questions concerning regional development. Dennis Yücel is responsible for communication. The office is also supported by Charlotte Hinfray, who is currently pursuing a traineeship with Niklas.


Benjamin Feyen

Head of Office, Advisor for Culture & Media Policy and Constitutional Affairs

Benjamin has been involved in European cultural and educational policy for over ten years. He has been working in the European Parliament since 2015; before that he studied history and political science in Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Krakow and Florence and worked as a journalist. As a musician and painter he also has a close relationship to art in his private life.

Tim Schlößer

Deputy Head of Office, Advisor for Space, Youth, Education and Games

Tim is an economist and studied in Berlin, Durham (USA), Bonn, Paris and Tokyo. During his studies he gained experience in public administration, business and politics. Whenever there is time besides his work, he can be found playing table tennis or enjoying his social life.

Nelly Koenig

Advisor for Regional Policy

Nelly grew up in Hanover with three nationalities in her pocket and studied economic geography there. After a first job at the development bank, she spent several years in the European Policy Department of the State Chancellery of Lower Saxony. She is also a certified yoga teacher.

Dennis Yücel


Dennis studied comparative literature and media studies in Munich, Berlin, Weimar and London. During and after his studies he worked as a freelance journalist for various newspapers. He spents his free time with media theory, film and internet culture.

Charlotte Hinfray


Charlotte studied political science and international relations in France, India and Switzerland. She gained first professional experiences in NGOs and in public administration. She is German-French, but feels at home in Brussels, where she likes to to for long walks and play the clarinet.

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Team Rostock

Niklas’ constituency staff is based in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In Rostock, Ole Krüger coordinates the local work and maintains contact between European cultural policy and the actors in the state. Jana Klinkenberg is based in Schwerin. She is the contact person for all matters concerning rural areas. In addition to political events, the team also regularly organizes trips to Brussels or Strasbourg. At least when the Corona pandemic is over.


Ole Krüger

Head of Team MV

Ole worked for a long time as the regional manager of the Greens in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. He was born in Mecklenburg and studied German and political science in Rostock. When he is not dealing with Europe, he plays the guitar or stays fit playing football.

Jana Klinkenberg

Advisor for Rural Areas

Jana studied political science and philosophy in Rostock. Already during her studies she started her own business as a horse riding instructor. Since she lives and works in the countryside, she has close ties to local initiatives, clubs and associations. Also in her free time she likes to get on a horse - or travel with her caravan.