Regional Development

The European Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development plays a decisive role in determining the European Union’s cohesion policy. The goal is to make Europe fairer and thus strengthen cohesion. As shadow rapporteur for the Greens, I currently negotiate two legislative projects. The Common Provisions Regulation lays down the framework for the allocation of regional funding. The Just Transition Fund aims to facilitate a socially just exit from a fossil based economy. I am also committed to the development of rural areas.

CPR-Trilogue: Compromise on Co-Financing Rates

Council and Parliament made some progress at yesterday’s trilogue negotiations on the Common Provisions Regulation (CPR) on the issue of co-financing rates. With the compromise reached, the Commission’s proposed reduction of the co-financing rates to 70 percent for less developed regions, 55 percent for transitional regions and 40 percent for more developed regions was softened. …

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Background Information: EU Corona Response Investment Initiatives (CRII & CRII+)

An article in the German newspaper Der Spiegel which heavily criticizes the EU for allocating a disproportionate amount of money to Hungary under the EU’s Corona response investment initiatives has created a public debate in Germany. With this paper I would like to briefly illuminate the background to you and correct the figures and information…

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