Starlink Satellit. Foto: Andy Holmes.


Space policy, that sounds like distant future. But space travel is currently undergoing rapid change. And we must prepare for this upheaval. We have to prepare ourselves for new private sector players to conquer space. We must prepare ourselves for the fact that powerful states such as the USA or China have set in motion a new militarization of space by founding space forces. In view of this Space Race 2.0, I advocate for a new international set of rules and a new European space strategy.

Kick-off for a Green Space Policy

Space travel now an independent topic in the new basic program of the Greens.  Space travel is currently undergoing rapid change. States are pushing forward its militarization. Private sector players such as SpaceX and Blue Origin want to conquer it economically. And it is already crowded in orbit, with more and more satellites and space…

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