Analysis on Music Streaming

What is the role and impact of music streaming services on the whole business and on songwriters and artists in particular? I have requested the European Parliament’s Research Service (EPRS) to compile an overview on this topic. It covers aspects such as the change of music consumption over time, revenue distribution chains, the impact of streaming on the creation of music, different remuneration models (e.g. UCPS, the “User-Centric Payment System”), and the overall impact on songwriters’ and artists’ income due to the shift of music consumption from physical records to online streaming.

Please note that this EPRS briefing is not a study in itself but solely an overview based on several studies and other sources. It is authored by the EPRS, and while I have requested this overview, it does not necessarily reflect my political positions nor is it an official position of the European Parliament or the Greens/EFA group.

The paper can be found here.

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