More Europe!

The European Union is still young. It is sometimes easy to forget that some member states have only just joined. That some institutions have not been around for very long, or have only developed their competencies over time. Nevertheless, European unification is a process that has been going on for over 60 years. The European Union is an entity in constant change. Let us work to shape this change in a positive way and move European unification forward!


For a United Europe!

Since its foundation, the European Union has grown ever closer together — at the same time we have experienced many crises in recent years. The “euro crisis” of 2011, when our common currency area almost fell apart. The “asylum crisis” of 2015, when the member states were in dispute over the admission of refugees. The Brexite vote of 2016 and the subsequent withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union.

In view of these many crises, we need not less, but more Europe!

  • The reason for the “euro crisis” was the lack of a common European economic and financial policy.
  • The “asylum crisis” has not been solved for over five years, mainly because national governments are blocking the necessary steps.
  • The Brexite shows that national solo efforts lead to disaster. Britain is demonstrably worse off without the European Union. Socially, economically, politically.

My answer to Europe’s many and varied trials and tribulations is a resounding yes to a united European Union. In the long term, I am committed to the foundation of a European federal state.

The European Union is the most successful project for peace and prosperity the world has ever seen. Autocrats, nationalists, right-wing populists around the world fear this success. Let us not allow them to divide Europe with their hate campaigns!