Webinar: European Youth Across The Channel

On the last few meters, the EU and the UK have finally agreed on a post-Brexit framework – thereby sidelining Europe’s major youth exchange programs. Most likely, the whole UK will no longer participate in Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). How will this affect the two programs? Is there still a chance for youth exchange across the channel? And if not – what does this mean for young people in Europe?

During this webinar, organized by Niklas Nienass, Member of the European Parliament (Greens/EFA), and Magid Magid, activist, author and former MEP (Green party UK) we will discuss those questions with:

  • Hywel Ceri Jones: Former Director General EU Commission, one of the architects of Erasmus
  • Silja Markkula: President, European Youth Forum
  • Davide Capecchi: Secretary General, European Federation for Intercultural Learning

Join our interactive Webinar on Thursday, 11. February at 19.00 CET/18.00 GMT and shape the discussion with your own questions!

Since the space is limited, register directly here.

Please also share the invitation with other interested people! We are looking forward to an exciting discussion with you.

We need to involve young people more

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Today's political decisions have a massive impact on the world of tomorrow. Young people deserve to have a strong say in this - because they will one day have to live in this world. I am committed to strengthening the political participation of youth and young people. By lowering the voting age, creating new participation formats and promoting European exchanges, for example through Erasmus+ or the European Solidarity Corps.