Nikki wants to go to Mars: My children’s book for space

Great joy, great excitement! I can finally present it to you: “Nikki will zum Mars” (Nikki wants to go to Mars). With my children’s book, I want to introduce both children and adults to the world of space.

Nikki asks herself very simple questions: What happens in space? And can a rocket like this take me to Mars? It is the first children’s book about space in this format and the first children’s book that also explains space policy. I was able to give the book to the first experts and present it to the public at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

In the conversations I have had, I have sensed how great the need for education about space is. Even outside the professional world, it is well known that billionaires like Elon Musk and entire nations are engaged in a space race. Higher, faster, further. They want to reach the moon and Mars. But to what end? And how is that possible? What do we do with the debris generated in space? Answers to these questions are interesting for children and adults alike. One thing is clear: space has become an integral part of our everyday lives. And it is becoming increasingly important.

“Nikki” meets ESA boss Josef Aschbacher on his journey.

I want my children’s book to explain the complex relationships in a simple way. I’m delighted by the positive feedback, but now of course I’m interested to know what you think. If you would like to hold “Nikki will zum Mars” in your hands, write to me and I will send you a copy free of charge. I’m looking forward to your opinion.

Many thanks for the great collaboration to illustrator Catharina Westphal and story writer Rasmus Schübel. Catharina gives a look behind the scenes and explains how she drew Josef Aschbacher and me. This and a video of the presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair you can find on my Instagram channel.

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