Webinar on Community-led Development

The new EU funding period just started and supports with around 330bn Euro regional development within Europe. These funds can finance a variety of projects, from economic growth and competitiveness, environmental protection and sustainable development to social inclusion and job creation.

This new funding period offers a special opportunity for bottom-up delivered projects: So-called Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) projects will get +10% more EU-financing! The EU Parliament successfully pushed for a stronger involvement of the regions, and a better and more intense partnership principle. Only when citizens, local authorities and organisations are involved, we can ensure that their needs are addressed and increase the support for more social and environmental projects.

In cooperation with the European Greens Party (EGP) we will explain and present the possibilities of CLLD projects and EU regional funding, and how local councillors, regional councillors, and other actors on the local level can make use of the EU funds available for local and regional development.

I will discuss this topic and share best practices together with

  • Marion Eckardt, president of European LEADER Association for Rural Development ELARD, Sweden
  • Kristiina Tammets, head of ELARD Knowledge Exchange Platform and manager of LAG Tartu County Development Association, Estonia.

At the end there is the chance to ask your questions or give comments. There will be interpretation available in German and French. If you need interpretation in a different language, please let us know in your registration.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, 10th June at 6pm.


Regional Development

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