Rural Areas

The future belongs to the countryside! But for this to happen, things have to be done. People in rural areas need fast Internet, new mobility concepts and better health care. And local social and cultural projects need support.

Many people in Europe enjoy living in the countryside – or think about moving there. With better Internet and more home office options, rural areas will become even more attractive in the future. But many regions are struggling with structural problems, especially in the areas of mobility, medical care and cultural offerings.

Without a car, it is often very difficult to get around in rural areas. That is why the expansion of public transport as well as bicycle and footpaths in rural areas must be consistently promoted. Start-ups with new mobility concepts must be encouraged.

At the same time, investments must be made in local infrastructure to shorten distances. The shortage of skilled workers can also be countered by increasing the density of vocational schools. And village stores ensure that you don’t have to drive miles for every errand. There are many local initiatives that do great work and deserve support. And there are many cultural projects that enrich life in the countryside.

Moreover, the demographic change in the countryside can only be counteracted by investing in medical care. A lack of doctors is a problem not only for older people, but also for young families with children or those who wish to have children.

I am convinced that the country has a future. Now we have to make it climate-friendly and in solidarity!

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