Today, Europe’s cultural landscape is coming under increasing pressure – politically and economically. We are all called upon to defend its freedom and diversity. By providing better legal and social security for cultural workers. And by promoting European exchange in cultural and educational policy. For example, through the Erasmus+ program, which enables young Europeans* to spend a wide range of time abroad. Or Creative Europe, a cultural fund that supports not only international film projects, but also small translations and bands.

Defending what we love about Europe

Songs, dance, theater, art, cinema, games. newspaper, radio, television, internet. Clubs, parties, festivals, raves. Museums, operas, indie bands and nerd projects. The European idea lives from a free and diverse cultural landscape. Not without reason the motto of the European Union is: United in diversity.

But the freedom of art is coming under increasing pressure in Europe – politically and economically. Authoritarian-nationalist governments like those in Hungary and Poland are taking blatant action against unpopular artists and intellectuals. Insecure employment relationships and most recently the Corona Pandemic threaten the existence of cultural workers.

The freedom of art in Europe and the world must be defended. I am committed to strengthening the rights of cultural workers, both against autocratic governments and contractual partners. And I am committed to providing better social security for cultural workers – during the Corona Pandemic and beyond.

As a member of the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) of the European Parliament, I am in charge of several cultural policy legislative projects for the European Greens.

In addition, I have initiated the Cultural Creators Friendship Group – a cross-fractional platform that promotes the interests of authors and artists. In March 2020 I also launched the #saveEUculture campaign – the first Europe-wide initiative to support the cultural and creative sector during and after the Corona crisis.

Art, culture and media bring people together. European unification can only succeed on the basis of a common cultural diversity!