Regional policy is above all cohesion policy. It is about fostering the “economic, social and territorial cohesion” of Europe, as the Lisbon Treaty states. This is to be achieved by levelling out economic disparities between the various regions of Europe, thus achieving a comparable quality of life. For this purpose, about one third of the total EU budget is available.


Policies to bring Europe together!

Europe is not simply growing together by itself. If we want a united Europe, then we must actively do something. We must make today’s Europe more just and tackle social inequalities – between North and South, East and West, city and countryside.

In a united Europe, opportunities for the future are independent of origin and place of residence. Wages are comparable everywhere and people show solidarity beyond national borders.

I want to create a Europe in which people all over the continent have the same chances to live a good and self-determined life. Whether in Berlin or Bucharest, Lombardy or Ludwigslust-Parchim. I want to ensure that all Europeans benefit from the ecological transformation. If we implement the economic transformation locally throughout Europe, we will not only save the climate, but also European prosperity.

I am committed to all this in REGI – the Committee on Regional Development of the European Parliament. The REGI is one of the central places where the so-called cohesion policy of the European Union is shaped – the policy to strengthen the “economic, social and territorial cohesion” of Europe.

For the cohesion policy about one third of the total EU budget is available. I am committed to using this money to make Europe more just, social and climate-friendly – and thus bring it closer together!