We need to involve young people more

Young people from many different countries recently visited us in the European Parliament in Brussels. They are involved with the European Movement, the Young European Federalists or are generally interested in cohesion in the EU.

My parliamentary colleague Alin Mituta (Renew) and I talked to them about how we can help this European Union by updating it. We need a more modern democracy to keep the EU strong.

Just one example: today’s youth is much more active than 30 or 40 years ago. So if I live and work in another EU member state for five years and identify with the values of the society there – why can’t I vote there, just like all other citizens? This is just one point where democracy must keep pace with developments.

Thank you very much for the exciting discussions. We have discussed further ideas and will continue to keep in touch!

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Today's political decisions have a massive impact on the world of tomorrow. Young people deserve to have a strong say in this - because they will one day have to live in this world. I am committed to strengthening the political participation of youth and young people. By lowering the voting age, creating new participation formats and promoting European exchanges, for example through Erasmus+ or the European Solidarity Corps.