European Writers Council: New study published

Image: EWC

The European Writers Council published its new study. 

In 2020, the European Writers’ Council study The Economic Impact of Covid-19 on Writers and Translators in the European Book Sector surveyed 33 professional organisations from 27 countries for a comprehensive report on the situation for book authors under the Covid-19 crisis. Now the Council published its follow-up study One Year of Crisis – The Winter of our Discontent. I was very happy to contribute the foreword this year. 

The study outlines the status quo regarding loss of income in 2020 and 2021, legal gaps and social welfare problems, and charts impacts for 2022-2025. The paper concludes with ten recommendations related to the 37 recommendations already made to national and European decision-makers, and a position paper.

Further information and the complete study can be fund here. 

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