Update on the Cultural Creators Friendship Group (CCFG)

I would like to give you a brief update on the “Cultural Creators Friendship Group” (CCFG), a group of currently 20 MEPs from 6 political groups dedicated to support the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS).

Today was an eventful day – the CCFG released an Open Letter demanding effective implementation of article 18 of the Copyright Directive, and after many internal meetings, we finally adopted our CCFG Working Plan which describes and specifies the main areas of work as defined in our CCFG Manifesto.

But this is just the beginning. Having had its first informal meeting back in January, by now the CCFG has established itself, and therefore we’re ready to reach out to CCS organisations/stakeholders. For November the CCFG will schedule a first online meeting to which we will also invite external guests. If you work for a CCS organisation, you are also welcome to join the CCFG as a Supporting Member.

For further information and for more regular updates, I invite you to have a look at our website www.CulturalCreators.eu and to follow the #CCFG on Twitter @CultCreatorsEU.

Analysis on Music Streaming

What is the role and impact of music streaming services on the whole business and on songwriters and artists in particular? I have requested the European Parliament’s Research Service (EPRS) to compile an overview on this topic. It covers aspects such as the change of music consumption over time, revenue distribution chains, the impact of…

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