Webinar: Space Race 2.0

Space policy sounds like the distant future. But space travel is currently undergoing rapid change. And we need to prepare for this.

Space travel is becoming increasingly important — not only for telecommunications, but also for science, from medicine to climate research. Its ongoing privatization promises billions in profits, and the world’s richest people are pushing their companies forward. At the same time, major powers such as the USA and China are pushing ahead with the militarization of space.

International space law is not prepared for this Space Race 2.0 – we urgently need an update!

In the kick-off to my new webinar series on space policy, we discuss current developments in space and how policymakers can respond. Do we need a European SpaceX? How can satellites help us fight climate change? And what is actually behind the ominous “Space Forces” that some states are currently establishing?

That’s what we”ll be discussing with:

  • Dr. Josef Aschbacher, Director General, European Space Agency
  • Dr. Insa Thiele-Eich, Astronaut Candidate and Meteorologist
  • Christoph Krachten, Clixoom,  Journalist and Youtuber

The Webinar Space Race 2.0 takes place on Wednesday, 18. March 2021, 19h CET on ZOOM. German with English translation.

Please register here.

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